Ethan Maull Foundation launches bus posters

18th January 2015

Ethan Maull Foundation

Lincolnshire Echo – 18th January 2015

The Ethan Maull Foundation has launched posters advertising the campaign on the back of 10 buses that will travel throughout Lincolnshire.

The Ethan Maull ‘Up Yours To Cancer’ Foundation was set up in 2013 to help raise awareness of osteosarcoma after 10-year-old Ethan was diagnosed with the rare bone cancer in December 2012. Ethan, who asked his parents to set up the foundation, sadly passed away on May 5, 2014.

Now the posters advertising Ethan’s campaign will be driven around the county for the next five weeks, thanks to the support of 14 sponsors. Dawn Carey, Ethan’s godmother, organised the bus posters. She said: “Every month since Ethan died I have written his parents a poem about what’s going on with us all and given them a gift.

“Last month it was a sticker on the back of their car all about Ethan’s charity and I thought “how am I going to beat that? So I thought about trying to get them on a bus – I really didn’t expect I’d be able to do it.” Dawn got in touch with Stagecoach and was given a quote. Then she gathered the support of 14 businesses to sponsor it.

“I’m really impressed with it. The whole idea is to keep spreading the word about Ethan’s campaign,” she said. And Ethan’s mum, Sam Maull, said: “What Dawn’s done is amazing. Each month I never know what she’s going to come up with next. The buses look great – people have been putting pictures of them on Facebook when they see them.”

So far, the Ethan Maull ‘Up Yours To Cancer’ Foundation has raised £140,000.

The businesses and business people who have sponsored the bus posters are: Paul Stafford at Primoweb Media; Jocasta’s Group; EPS electrical services; DMH electrics Ltd; MDG plumbing and heating; Damon’s Restaurant; Dawn and Stuart Carey; Chores Hygiene Management; Pride Homes; Gary Foulston Home Improvements; Function First; Keith Arnold Cars; Thorpe Park Lodges; Reece Musson of UKSD; and the Guardian Group.