Damon’s to open steakhouse, creating 30 jobs

26th December 2014

Japanese Steakhouse

Lincolnshire Echo – 26th December 2014

A new £1 million Japanese steakhouse restaurant is set to create 30 jobs near Lincoln.

Damon’s Japanese Steakhouse would sit inside the existing Damon’s off the A46. Work is due to start in Lincoln in March, if planning is approved, and should be complete by late autumn. Within three months of finishing, a further £750,000 would be spent replicating this at the company’s locations in Liverpool and Sheffield.

 Stuart Carey, company director at Damon’s, said funding was already in place to start the project. “The idea came from the States,” he said. “We go to a Japanese steakhouse in America and it is pretty successful and always reasonably busy. “You sit around the table and they prepare all the food in front of you. We have already got those food items in as well. We already have steaks and chicken and prawns, as our supply chain is already there.”

Work will open up a currently unused and hidden part of the Damon’s Restaurant building, to create two restaurants in one, with a single main entrance. A glass partition will separate the two and diners at Damon’s Japanese Steakhouse will be able to have food prepared for them at their tables using hot plates.

The outer side of the Japanese steakhouse will be glass, giving diners an all-round view. Kevin Coupland and Dan Rontree at Heronswood Architectural Design helped think up the plan after working on rooms for Damon’s Hotel.

The new steakhouse will have 96 seats, on top of 150 inside Damon’s Restaurant. It means 30 new jobs on the steakhouse side adding to 140 current staff at Damon’s, and 340 over its four sites. An extension will allow space for workshop and storage. Menu items for the steakhouse are already being planned, in the same way that much of Damon’s Restaurant menu is rigorously tried and tested before any food reaches customers’ plates.

Mr Carey said: “We have a Japanese consultant who has opened three Benihana steakhouse restaurants in London and I think three in Europe. “We have given the consultant two months just to develop the menu, and that might be tight. Then there will be two months of training.” Mr Carey said he is excited that Lincoln will be the blueprint for changes at its two other major city locations, creating six businesses in all.

“Within three months of opening here, if it’s successful we will go to Sheffield and do the same,” he said. “It was built as a larger restaurant as the Americans were involved, and it wasn’t manageable so they did a temporary wall between one section and another. “Then we’d look at Liverpool. We have three restaurants, so potentially within two years we would be looking at six in total. All of them would be two restaurants in one building. “It will be unique…”